Love and Smoke Alarms


I always have a lot of laughs with my clients during newborn sessions because I am a mom myself, and bringing home a new baby is at once chaotic, amazing, stressful and hilarious.  Sometimes all you can do is laugh, so you don't cry.  But bringing home baby with an 18 mo. old waiting at the door can make things particularly hilarious.

The Anderson family was a session for the books.  We literally laughed to the point of tears.  Between snack time for their new baby,  nap time for their oldest, Dad burning his lunch and the smoke alarm going off, and the general chaos that comes with two under two, there was no shortage of entertainment.  Mom, Brianna is one of my new favorite people as she literally smiled and laughed through the entire ordeal.  Brianna, if you were stressed during the session, your poker face is amazing.  I loved working with the Anderson family, and I love how the laughter seems to poor out of their photos. 

Lindsay Sadtler