Shake & Bake with the Schlosberg Family


Last year I met Heather and Joe when they, with their daughter Emily, welcomed their son Matt (Matty) into the world.  I fell in love with this family right away! Emily has the best energy and Heather and Joe are such a lovely couple, they balance each other so well and can laugh at the chaos of life. I've been so lucky and humbled to work with this family over and over. 

Matty recently turned one and to celebrate, I got to spend a Sunday afternoon hanging out and baking with the Schlosberg crew.  This session was all giggles, as Matty and Emily both have big personalities and it was literally SO sweet.  I can't share Joe's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I can tell you that these cookies were AMAZING.  Heather sent me home with some and I won't lie, I ate one and a half cookies on the ride home.   Cookies are my weakness and these bad boys made me weak in the knees. 

MMMMMM...just scrolling through these pics makes my tummy growl! Enjoy this sweet session.

Baking Blog 1.jpg
Baking Blog 2.jpg
Baking Blog 3.jpg
Baking Blog 4.jpg
Baking Blog 5.jpg
Baking Blog 6.jpg
Baking Blog 7.jpg
Baking Blog 8.jpg
Baking Blog 9.jpg
Baking Blog 10.jpg
Baking Blog 11.jpg

Emily turned the mixer on a littttttle too fast haha.

Baking Blog 12.jpg
Baking Blog 13.jpg
Baking Blog 14.jpg
Baking Blog 15.jpg
Baking Blog 16.jpg